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What can I do?

Well, instead of continuously wondering and wasting time on problems, how about focusing attention on plausible solutions.  Don’t have a job, how about volunteering an hour a day at a charity you believe in.  My sister-in-law an unemployed engineer, volunteered time at a well-known college hospital in her state; while helping she created an advanced report that streamlined record keeping.  Well, the head of the Volunteer Services was so impressed; she offered her a paying job. Although it is an entry-level job, plans are in the works to move her to a position worthy of her education, skills, and leadership ability.  The great thing about this is her personal desire is to move into the field of nutrition and was planning to register for a class at the college….now she works there!  Can you say BENEFITS; she is clearly on her way now.  Can you think of something you can do today instead of wasting time worrying?


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