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What can I do?

February 4, 2010

Well, instead of continuously wondering and wasting time on problems, how about focusing attention on plausible solutions.  Don’t have a job, how about volunteering an hour a day at a charity you believe in.  My sister-in-law an unemployed engineer, volunteered time at a well-known college hospital in her state; while helping she created an advanced report […]

January 26, 2010

Hello Politicians Congressional Democrats and Republicans were elected to represent their constituents, not pander to the far left or right-wing of their Party. According to a Gallup Poll, “55% to 39%, Americans say the President and Congress should now suspend work on the healthcare bill and consider alternatives rather than trying to pass the current version.” […]

Hello world!

January 26, 2010

   Wow, I am blogging!!!!  Now, what should I say???  This is a unique time in my life; I’m too old for foolish but too young for confinement to a home.  Realizing my path and documenting my movement is an awesome task.  I love the technology that allows me to publish my thoughts; it is a way to say…Hey, I’m […]